Paul Bosauder, flamenco guitar | Rafael Maya 'Nene Maya', flamenco bass | Raúl Manchón, percussion| Juanma Gómez Pons, flute | Anna Colom, cante | Albert Cases, cante | Isabel Rivera Cuenca, bailaora



Senda abajo

Paul Bosauder: Paisajes sonoros (taranta) / Senda abajo (tangos) / La niña del velero (guajira) / A mi tío Elías (soleá) / Cuando suena la Kaituna (bulerías) / Verano en Sicilia (rumba) / Baile por Alegrías

About this event

Paul Bosauder was born in Lebanon and grew up in New Zealand. He has had a life-long fascination for flamenco, and has fulfilled his dream of becoming a tocaor. His teacher was the great Rafael Cañizares, and Bosauder has immersed himself in flamenco, becoming not only an elegant, expressive guitarist but also a prolific composer. At the Fringe Festival Torroella-Estartit his concert Senda abajo will take us on a musical journey to explore the palos of flamenco tradition. 

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