20.08.19 | 20:00 h

"Weep, Venuses and Cupids!"(Catul 3, 1)

Iñaki Alberdi and Carlos Mena
Iñaki Alberdi and Carlos Mena

Carlos Mena, countertenor | Iñaki Alberdi, accordion


Chaconne tombeau

Josquin Desprez: Ave Maris Stella / Benedictus / Agnus Dei / Coeurs désolez par toute nation / Pleine de dueil / Inviolata, integra et casta es / J. S. Bach: Contrapunctus I / Contrapunctus XII / Chacona / Joan Magrané: Si en lo mal temps la serena be canta / Tomás Luis de Victoria: Alma redemptoris Mater / Salve Regina / Domine non sum dignus (accordion) / Domine non sum dignus (duet) / Et Jesum / Duo Serafin / Magi viderunt stellam

When the first accordion was patented, all the works in this programme except one had been in existence for centuries. Countertenor Carlos Mena and accordionist Iñaki Alberdi have mustered an adventurous spirit to give us novel performances of music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Josquin Desprez and Tomás Luis de Victoria, accompanied by an accordion. They extend an invitation to contemporary composers to make new readings of works of the past and thereby create new compositions.

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