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Forma Antiqva
Forma Antiqva
 Daniel, Pablo and Aarón Zapico
Daniel, Pablo and Aarón Zapico

Aarón Zapico, harpsichord | Daniel Zapico, theorbo | Pablo Zapico, baroque guitar


Concerto Zapico Vol. 2

Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia: Ensalada / Gaspar Sanz: Passeos por 4º tono / Marionas / Jacaras / Españoletas / Anonymous: Tirana del coche de la Princesa / Faborita / Alemanda de Coreli / Bayle del Gran Duque / Diferencias sobre las Folías / Santiago de Murcia: Grabe / Folías Gallegas / Cumbees / Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger: Passacaglia / Villan di Spagna / Giovanni Battista Vitali: Toccata e Bergamasca / Traditional Asturian: Fandango de Leitariegos / Bellerofonte Castaldi: Cecchina e Florida correnti / Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Prelude [5to. tuono]

The Zapico brothers from Asturias, Aarón, Daniel and Pablo, wanted to perform chamber music together, but had no specific repertoire for their instruments – harpsichord, theorbo and guitar. So they decided to make their own transcriptions of a number of Spanish and Italian dances from the 17th and 18th centuries and record the Concerto Zapico in 2010. The originality of the idea found favour: they performed the music on tours around the world and widened the repertoire with more transcriptions. Eight years later, they were back in the recording studio to commit to disc Concerto Zapico Vol. 2, with more transcriptions of Spanish and Italian dances – the repertoire they will perform for us this evening at Torroella de Montgrí.

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