Presented by the Grup Enderrock

29.07.18 | 21:00 h

Judit Puigdomènech, singer | Arnau Martín, guitar | Jordi Junyent, drums | David Vila, bass | Raimon Bonvehí, keyboard | Armand Noguera, trumpet | Gerard Serrano, trombone

The singer, composer and actress Ju, (stage name of Judit Puigdomènech) won the Èxit (Success) Prize at the Sona 9 Competition in 2017 organised by the Grup Enderrock. Ju expresses her experiences by means of pop-rock, reggae and Rhythm and Blues. The daughter of a musician, she was attracted to the world of art while still a child, and in addition to music has studied dance and dramatic art. In her first disc, El Món es Mou, she speaks of emotions, of the will to live, of human rights and of the simplicity and complexity of human relationships.

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