Stompin'in Joy

19.07.18 | 20:00 h

Tickets to this concert provide free admission to the concert given by the Julian Lage Trio, at 10 p.m.

Helena Amado, soprano | Paula Padilla, contralto and ukulele | Marcos Padilla, tenor | Matías Comino, guitar and banjo | Camilo Bosso, double bass | Pablo Cabra, drums and washboard

The vibrant swing sextet from Seville, O Sister!, has re-created the golden age of vocal jazz – the popular music of the 1920s and 30s in America. At the Jazz Festival l'Estartit they will present Stompin'in Joy, their fourth disc, in which, in addition to versions of songs from the golden years of swing, they perform their first compositions of original themes, written in the style of the most popular and danceable jazz that is their trademark. A fresh, lively concert with a sense of humour to get the audience into dancing mood and give us an appetite for the start of the Festival with the Julian Lage Trio.

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