The soundscape collector

Manolo Alcántara, actor | Jorge López, flute | Naüm Monterde, clarinet | Laia Rius, violin | Eva Gumà, cello | Clara Peya, piano | Albert Gumí and Xavier Erra, script, artistic directors 

18.04.14 | 17:00 h

8-16 €

About this event

From the rhythmic blow of a hammer to the sound of the wind, everything that surrounds us creates a “musical” backdrop that stays with us throughout the day. Such are our daily soundscapes. An eccentric character, the soundscape collector, records these sounds during the concert, while six musicians perform works inspired by the same sounds and composed by Debussy, Ravel, Bartók, Schoenberg, Stravinsky and others. The show is crammed with surprises – dances, songs, shadow play, acrobatics and many others – and is a perfect way of introducing kids to the world of 20th century music.

A production of Obra Social la Caixa

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