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Residencies for musicians  

EEEmerging is a large-scale European cooperation project promoting the emergence of new talent in early music.

The EEEmerging programme is designed to select, train and promote young emerging European ensembles, thereby consolidating and giving added value to the speciality of early music. The programme also aims to encourage recognition of early music by the general public as a separate speciality in the field of classical repertoire, with its own values, characteristics and international identity. With these objectives in mind, and building on the experience acquired during the 2014-2019 EEEmerging programme, EEE + aims to widen the scope and enhance the quality of the programme during the period September 2019 to February 2023. This will involve:

  • enhancing the policies designed to encourage the professional development of young ensembles;
  • planning a range of co-operative activities involving ensembles and members, with the aim of encouraging innovation;
  • including a range of activities involving all interested parties, professionals and music-lovers alike, in the activities of “eeemerging” early music ensembles.


Residencies for musicians Concert series
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