Director: Pere Portabella. Catalonia, 2007

DURATION:  102 minutes
17.08.18 | 19:00 h

8.45 pm. Debate in which Pere Portabella will discuss his artistic world with the audience

Frame by The Silence before Bach
Frame by The Silence before Bach

Script: Pere Portabella, Carles Santos and Xavier Albertí. Featuring Àlex Brendemühl, Feodor Atkine, Christian Brembeck, Daniel Ligorio, Georg C. Biller, Antonio Serrano, Ferran Ruiz and Georgina Cardona. Language: original version (French, German and English) with subtitles in Catalan.

The Silence before Bach uses the works of Johann Sebastian Bach to investigate the professions and careers associated with the world of music. A vision of the profound dramaturgical relationship between image and music, in which the world of sound is not treated as a secondary consolidation of visual content, but as an element always on equal terms with the story line. In this way, the film is based on a pre-existing musical structure. The sound track consists of works by Bach, two sonatas by Mendelssohn and one of György Ligeti’s Études, creating an arch under which the action of the film takes place – a journey through the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, led by the hand of Bach.

Organised jointly with the Fundació Vila Casas 

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