Presented by the Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics

29.07.18 | 23:00 h

Borja Picó, singer and acoustic guitar | Andrea Crespo Angie: second voice | Ignacio Iguana Sánchez: tenor sax and piano | Román García: electric guitar | Andrés Cuesta: electric bass | Álvaro Zaballos Mochu: drums and percussion

Papawanda is an independent band from Madrid which performs Jamaican music taking in other influences such as funk, jazz or afrobeat. This fusion makes their concerts an experience of energy, dance and colour. The group will present their third album, Hasta que Seamos Ceniza, in which they communicate a critical view of the world, in which the irony and social nihilism of their generation still manage to find room for optimism.

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