Presented by the Sons de la Mediterrània competition / Grup Enderrock

29.07.18 | 20:00 h
Balkan Paradise Orchestra
Balkan Paradise Orchestra

Mila González, Alba Careta and Berta Gala, trumpets | Eva Garín and Laura Lacueva, clarinets | Alba Ramírez, horn | Maria Cofan, trombone | Olivia Casas and Maria Puertas, tubas | Eli Fàbregas, percussion

The Balkan Paradise Orchestra was formed in Barcelona in early 2015, and consists of ten brass, woodwind and percussion players. These young performers have experienced a variety of musical influences, but in this project have concentrated on the Balkan tradition of wind bands, with a potent sound to which they add a fresh, cheerful character. In the short space of time the orchestra has been together, they have given frequent concerts both on stage and as a street band.

The Balkan Paradise Orchestra won the 2017 Sons de la Mediterrània competition, organised by the Fira de la Mediterrània, Manresa, the Centre Artesà Tradicionarius, the Grup Enderrock and the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat Government of Catalonia. 

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