Amandine Beyer, violin, director

12.08.18 | 22:00 h

8pm, Espai Ter

Introductory lecture on the concert programme by the violinist and director of the ensemble Gli Incogniti, Amandine Beyer.

Amandine Beyer
Amandine Beyer
Gli INcogniti
Gli INcogniti

Amandine Beyer, violin, director | Johanna Bartz, traverso | Baldomero Barciela, viola da gamba |Anna Fontana, harpsichord


BWV...or not? The inauthentic Bach... with authentic instruments

Johann Sebastian and/or Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Sonata in G major for traverso, violin and bass continuo, BWV 1038 (H.590.5) / Johann Georg Pisendel: Sonata in C minor for violin and bass continuo, BWV 1024 (doubtful attribution) / J. S. Bach: Sonata in C minor “Sopr'il Soggetto Reale” for traverso, violin and bass continuo, from the Musical Offering, BWV 1079 / Sonata in D major for viola da gamba and harpsichord, BWV 1028 / Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Sonata in D minor for violin and obbligato harpsichord, BWV 1036 (early version of Wq145/H.569)

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach has been copied, arranged and paraphrased thousands of times over the years. Bach himself liked to borrow ideas and musical forms and themes from other colleagues and he even transcribed complete works of other composers without ever acknowledging their origin. His was a different period, when royalties didn’t exist. The French violinist Amandine Beyer and her ensemble Gli Incogniti pay homage to those times, with an enjoyable game of hide and seek in quest of works that have been rightly or wrongly attributed to Bach.

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