Nigel Short, director

08.08.18 | 22:00 h

 8 pm, Fundació Mascort

Lecture on Joan Cererols on the 400th anniversary of his birth, by the teacher, broadcaster and lecturer on music, Joan Vives.



Joan Cererols: Salve Regina / Missa de Batalla / Tomás Luis de Victoria: Officium defunctorum: Requiem Mass

Tenebrae is one of the great British chamber choirs specialising in Renaissance polyphony. They come to the Torroella Festival to perform one of the high points of their repertory – the magnificent Officium defunctorum by Tomás Luis de Victoria, the Requiem that the great Spanish Renaissance composer wrote in 1603 on the death of the Dowager Empress Maria, sister to Philip II. Victoria’s work is joined in this concert by Joan Cererols’ Missa de batalla (1649). Cererols was born in Martorell and this year we commemorate the 400th anniversary of his birth.

Concert in memory of Ernest Lluch

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