Music: Igor Stravinsky | Artistic creation and dramaturgy: Joaquín Casanova and Elisa Ramos | Stage Director: Joaquín Casanova. 

14.08.16 | 19:00 h

10-14 €


The Marvellous Bird

About this event

No one can see it, no one can touch it, no one can catch it. The Firebird soars aloft every morning, even in rain or snow. Its song awakes the new day and accompanies the sun so that it doesn’t lose its way on the horizon. At night, the bird uses its beak to light the stars so that we can see them through the dark. But it has been flying for too long and the fire in its feathers is getting faint and needs to be revived. The bird will soon come down to the Paradise Garden to lay a single egg that contains the spark which can relight its wings and bring back its brilliance. But what would happen if the marvellous bird’s egg got lost?

Produced by La Maquiné and the ABAO (Friends of the Opera, Bilbao)

Recommended for children of 4 years or older


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