Festival 2020


The 40th Torroella Festival
will be held from 31 July to 21 August, 2020



The circus (1928) directed by Charles Chaplin

Lluís Vidal Duet


8-12 €


The Circus, 1928, Charlie Chaplin. Showing of the silent film accompanied by live music.

About this event

Charlie is a penniless vagabond, who regularly falls in love with a girl but never gets her in the end. He is wrongly accused of theft and goes to work in a circus to escape from the police. The circus manager is a cruel, authoritarian man who maltreats his employees, including his own daughter, a trapeze artist. Unexpectedly, Charlie becomes the main attraction of the show when the manager thinks that the victimisation he suffers is just an act.

The Circus was made in 1928 and became the eighth most profitable box office hit in the years of silent cinema.

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